I don’t like using laptops. I like the desktop computer. Thus my lack of posts. I don’t like positive numbers and I like left better than right. I love music, as a Christian is it my weakness. I listen to Jesus Adrian Romero, ROJO but I also listen to Pepe Aguilar and Christian Castro. Today my father preached about forgiveness…..and I know where I stand with it. Every night I ask God to forgive me for stupidities that I had committed during the day and for the ones I will commit the following day. Hno Felipe came to my house to talk to me about not renouncing my position as Vice President of the Youth group. I told him that the lack of inactivity due to the leadership of the group’s president, douche, had already frustrated me and that I couldn’t do it anymore. I like to do things: action, action, action. These kids are youth and they need to be constantly moving but because HE is too busy and into his girlfriend that he doesn’t give the youth group the attention and time it deserves I was going to no longer put up with it. Hno Felipe then asked me if asking douche  to forgive me would help and I told him that that had nothing to do with it. Douche  didn’t need to ask me for forgiveness. He needed to ask the youth group for forgiveness. Not only going to 6 of our 12 youth services in 2012, and as President if he knew he couldn’t do the job to the 100% of his ability he should have stepped down. Being a leader is not about being eloquent in your way of talk or being there when there are big events to show people you are the President of something. No. Being a leader is showing by example. I will continue to be there for my kids, but no longer be available for HIM to take advantage of me when he decides he is not coming and to clean after him. Sorry bud, it doesn’t work like that. I do have some pride in myself too. Anyways going to work on my church website and continue to read Alice in Wonderland. 

Mientes, me haces daño y luego te arrepientes
Ya no tiene caso que lo intentes
No me quedan ganas de sentir
Llegas cuando estoy a punto de olvidarte
Busca tu camino en otra parte
Mientras busco el tiempo que perdi
Que hoy estoy mejor sin ti…


I suck at doing this every single night and obviously you can tell with my lack of posts. Today was a good day at work and then like all Thursdays I see him. Once again with the girlfriend who’s living in her own fairy world, blind to the ways he’s supposedly has parted with. I was alone with them for 15 minutes and my stomach churned. I just can’t stand to be alone with him and not feel sick. Im the one not supposed to say squat about him and I because I’m part of the past. Personally I think I’ll get over him once I find that right person but until now noone worth my time has appeared in my life. Idk. What really gets to me every single time is that he had her while he was with me and didn’t tell me anything. And I’m damn sure she doesn’t know anything either because if she knew she wouldn’t look all high and mighty. He had us both and that’s what I just can’t forgive and get past. Anyways I’m done for today. Off to listen to music and read a book.

No hay mas palabras que decir
Tampoco historias que contar
Lo que un dia a mi llego
Hoy ya no esta….


Life is interesting. It is full of many emotions…happy, relieving, troubled, loving and joyous. Today’s emotions for me would be: relieved, ecstatic, upset, frustrated and satisfied. How can we go thru all these emotions all in less than 24 hours? Interesting, to say the least. Well today’s adventures consisted of doing a great job at work today, seeing him at church and my stomach now being upset because of the latter. It will be short but again like usual, lyrics to represent myself today.

No te aferres, ya no te aferres
a un imposible, ya no te hagas
ni me hagas más daño, ya no.
Tu bien sabes
que no fue mi culpa
tu te fuiste sin decirme nada
y a pesar que llore como nunca
ya no seguias de mi enamorada


Nooooo, my brother, or the guy I have called my brother for the last 5 years just told me he wants me to try to look at him with different eyes…..why!! We don’t live in the same state and I could never look at him in any different way. We went to prom together and have a great friendship but that’s all I see him as. Also my best guy friend who goes to church with me told me the same things in October! Why is it that us women fall for the guys who use us and then move on and not for the good best guy friends who are always there for us?? My best friend and brother are okay looking but I’m too hung up on the Mr. Tall and Muscular who always argues with me and frustrates me. Just a penny for anyone’s thoughts.

Today I was reminded how great a boss I have. I thank God for blessing me with both my jobs. BTW Pandora got mad at me and asked me if I was still listening because they paid money to play their songs and they didn’t want to play to an empty room? o.O interesting. That is basically it for today. Still working on my church’s website. I finished working on my church member id’s though! Go back to uni at the end of the month and I am so ready! Sleeping all morning and going into work in the afternoon gives me headaches. I’m not used to sleeping this much. Anyways ending this blog with these lyrics that speak for me tonight.

Te quiero tanto, tanto, tanto, tanto, tanto
Cada día un poco mas
Te quiero tanto, tanto, tanto, tanto, tanto
Para mi no hay nadie igual
Te quiero tanto, tanto, tanto, tanto, amor
Que ya no puedo mas
Ya no puedo mas

I decided to get a new blog, somewhere completely different where I have no previous accounts….and WordPress popped up on Google. The reason for this was because I wanted to share my thoughts, my emotions without having to hide anything from anyone. Almost like I was going to be an anon to the world. This will be my escape. I’ve decided to blog something different every day. I have a Tumblr, Twitter, IG, FB but this will only be words unless I decide to post a picture.This will be very personal to me. I hope I won’t be boring, the mind of a women tends to be mysterious so I hope I can provide that. Some quick facts about me are that I love the Lakers, and I will soon be 21. I have a loving family and a puppy I love to death and I love the Lord. But just because I have all that doesn’t mean I have no problems. I have been officially single for the past 4 years and this will be my story. I will end this blog with these song words that speak for me right now…I will write another blog later on for January the 2nd’s blog.

“Tu recuerdo sigue aquí
E’ como un aguacero
Rompe fuerte sobre mí
Ay pero a fuego lento
Quema y moja por igual
Y ya no sé lo que pensar
Si tu recuerdo me hace bien o me hace mal”

oh yeah, I speak Spanish ♥